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Street Food Vendor Makes History by Earning a Michelin Star

Image Credits: Street Food Vendor Makes History by Earning a Michelin Star (read full article here)  I don’t recommend queuing for it, there’s great chicken rice eall over Singapore, but thought this piece of tourist trivia was worth mentioning!   Singapore’s Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice And Noodle made food history last month when it became the first street food vendor in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star. He’s been cooking the dish for over 30 years, going for the unbeatable price of $1.85, making it the cheapest Michelin starred-meal by a long shot. Twenty other eateries in Singapore received the culinary award, but with prices ranging from $22 to $445 USD, Meng has them beat by far.  

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Coupon Codes for Singapore Visitors

One of the things that I’ve been doing for my AirBnB guests is compiling coupon codes that they could use during their trip. To be honest, for various reasons, these codes hardly ever get used but the guests seem to really appreciate it! But after I created my Twitter Travel Bot, I realised that any visitor to Singapore could benefit from these codes.  So whether you’re a tourist, a student backpacker, a business traveller,  a conference visitor, an expat moving here, or one of my extra-special AirBnB guests, here are some top tips and coupon codes that can save you some money during your trip to Singapore! Note: To benefit from these coupon codes, you need to be a new user. This means that you need to register with a telephone number / email address that has not been registered with […]

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Architecture of Tiong Bahru

Architecture and culture (Source: Tiong Bahru, Infopedia, National Library Archives) Tiong Bahru’s SIT flats reflect a blend of imported and local styles, including Art Deco and the influence of the International style, which focused on simple, clear lines and planes. The style was prominent in Europe during that period, and SIT architects and managers took inspiration from public housing in British New Towns like Stevenage and Harlow. Architects involved in the design of Tiong Bahru estate included Lincoln Page, Robert F. N. Kan and A. G. Church. The design of the flats was based on a modified shophouse plan featuring rounded balconies, exterior spiral staircases, courtyards, and air-wells while combining privacy and aspects of a modern apartment. The layout of the estate incorporated open spaces and emphasised small neighbourhoods. The pre-war flats circled a communal zone that included a market […]

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Conserve facade, owners of pre-war units told | Sunday Times

Sunday, May 12, 2013.  Source: Tiong Bahru Estate: The Sunday Times : Conserve facade, owners of pre-war units told The Sunday Times: Conserve facade, owners of pre-war units told The Sunday Times By Melody Zaccheus 12th May 2013 Some new residents living in conservation flats in Tiong Bahru who have had work done to the exterior of their flats may find themselves in a bind. This, after the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) stepped up efforts to ensure renovation guidelines for the exterior of the 20 pre-war conservation flats and some shophouses are adhered to. Notices were posted across the estate earlier this year informing and reminding both old and new residents to seek permission from the URA before works on the facade of their units are carried out. Some of the guidelines, for instance, do not allow new awnings and planter […]

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Chope App

Chope App is a restaurant reservation app set up by a friend and ex-Bain colleague of mine.  Available on IOS and Android, you can search for restaurant recommendations by location, type of cuisine, price, and many other criteria.  

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