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The World’s Coolest Neighborhoods: A Global Street Style Report – Vogue

In Vogue’s September 2014 issue, we highlight street style’s new paradigm—a seismic shift, essentially, away from the look-at-me and take-my-picture vibes of yesteryear. 2014’s chicest city-strutters are now dressed in, well, all things normal—though before you cry “normcore,” think ultra-chic basics by the likes of A.P.C. and Common Projects, along with intelligent, original daywear from the kids at Public School, Hood By Air, and Marques’Almeida. “Fashion at large is readjusting,” writes Sarah Mower, “grounding itself in different sensibilities.” Case in point: the new street style marks a collective sartorial mindset that manages to be simultaneously chic and pragmatic. In honor of the new street style, we’ve put together a list of the globe’s hippest neighborhoods, from Mexico City to Tokyo. And if you feel inspired for a last-minute early-fall getaway, just remember when packing: Reality trumps fantasy.