Building a Roof

If you remember from Part I, the open courtyard at the back of the apartment had to be covered up, so we built a roof!


However, this would have been a completely enclosed space – there are no windows to let air or light in. It could have been a dungeon.



But I wanted to see sky

I remember when I was 21 and I transferred to Bain London, I lived in Glen Goei’s house in Primrose Hill. 1 Chalcot Crescent. It was the quintessential English house – and I fell in love with it. One feature of the house that left a deep impact was the fact that in the dining room (where we spent the most time), Glen had blue skies painted on his ceiling with little white clouds and all.  I remember feeling happy every time I looked up and saw the sky inside the house.


So we made skylights

The roof that Vince designed was pure genius.  He built has the most beautiful skylights around every wall to allow natural light into the apartment. It was indeed a magical moment when I first walked into the space after the roof was built.


A ray of hope

At the right time of day, you see a ray of light streaming into the apartment!

A Ray of Light in the AirBnb Annex

The AirBnB Annex Roof


At Dusk


The Skylight above the desk
The Skylight above the desk


Skylight above the Kitchen