One of the things that I’ve been doing for my AirBnB guests is compiling coupon codes that they could use during their trip. To be honest, for various reasons, these codes hardly ever get used but the guests seem to really appreciate it!

But after I created my Twitter Travel Bot, I realised that any visitor to Singapore could benefit from these codes.  So whether you’re a tourist, a student backpacker, a business traveller,  a conference visitor, an expat moving here, or one of my extra-special AirBnB guests, here are some top tips and coupon codes that can save you some money during your trip to Singapore!

Note: To benefit from these coupon codes, you need to be a new user. This means that you need to register with a telephone number / email address that has not been registered with them before.  Using your own mobile from your country of origin or getting a pay as you go SIM card has worked for my guests – you are after all a new user and will end up using their service more than once so I don’t see any reason for them to complain.  (These are Refer a Friend invites which means that if you get $8 off, I get $8 too, but of course you knew that.)

If you’re using a local SIM and the taxi company says the number has bene registered before, just call them to say it’s a pay as you go and that you’re a new user and that usually does the trick.


$8 off Grab Taxi for your First Ride

You can use Uber in Singapore but most locals use a local equivalent – Grab. Scan the QR code or use this invite link  download the IOS or Android version of the app and get $8 off your first taxi ride with Grab. Pay with Android Pay and get another $10 off your next ride.

Grab Taxi Coupon Code Free


Free Uber with New Sim Card and my invitation link

If you have a new local sim card, you can register for a new Uber account with your local sim!  In which case you can use my invite link for your free Uber ride! (worth up to $10)

Coupon Code for Uber Free Ride Promo deborahk3135ue

$10 Credit off UberEATS

UberEATS was recently launched in Singapore! You can also use my UberEats invite link to get$10 off your first UberEats offer , though this one is a bit of a pain as you have to use the promo code eatsdeborahk3135ue as well.

QR code for $10 UberEasts Coupon Code -eatsdeborahk3135ue

$20 off HonestBee (Supermarket and Laundry)

If you plan to do some light cooking, you can order groceries from Honest Bee. Or get your laundry and dry cleaning done!  HonestBee is new and so are offering a generous $20 off for all new customers!  Use the QR code of this invite link.

QR Code for $20 HonestBee coupon code

For long stay visitors, check out the Cashback guide with Shopback which gives you even more discounts and cash back but only makes sense if you’re staying for an extended period of time (Attractive cash back offers from Expedia, etc allow you get cashback when you book holidays around the region).

For hard core coupon shoppers, you may wish to check out this site CouponZGuru as well, though that’s a bit too much effort for me!

Enjoys!  If you found this useful, share it with a friend or leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you whether or not you’re one of my AirBnB guests!